You need to spend your time doing what you love, not doing your books.  We can be as hands on or hands off as you like, but we specialize in hands on.  It is very time consuming trying to track and categorize all of your income, expenses, assets, and loans; not to mention dealing with the federal and state authorities each time a different form needs filed or tax needs paid.  We can navigate all the complicated financial and tax issues that you might encounter, from setting up you new business to creating financial statements to filling all of your local, state, and federal tax forms.  We even have designers on staff to assist you with your company's image - logo, advertising, everything. 


Here is a brief list of services that we can provide for you.  Please contact us for a customized quote.

* Bank Account Reconciliation

* Credit Card Reconciliation

* State Sales Tax Reporting

* Limited Payroll Services

* 1099 Filing

* Franchise Tax Filing

* Worker's Comp Audit Reporting

* Property Tax Assessment/Filing

* New Company Setup

* Company Image/Marketing Services

*  General Bookkeeping Consulting

* QuickBooks Software Consulting

* QuickBooks Software Discounts